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Trinity Blood Translation Project

Trinity Blood Translation Project




Trinity Blood is the creation of Yoshida Sunao, published by Sneaker bunko (Kadokawa shoten).




February 10th, 2012


wars, sakura, sumire, paris, taisen
Hello, Thores' fans !

I need your help for a cosplay contest. I need more votes for my Seth empress costume in order to win that contest in the girl category. There's a Lara Croft who gets many votes. If you like Trinity Blood, please defend your colors !
You can vote here by liking the pic : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=337161946323338&set=a.337160566323476.81212.145396912166510&type=3&theater

Thank you in advance !


January 22nd, 2012



I don't know how many people are still watching this community or anything, but I read some of the old threads from a few years ago, and was hopeful that there might still be some of you around. I could certainly use a bit of help with beta-reading a fan-translation of RAM V that I am working on. I am currently halfway through Part 2: Birdcage, and working from the Chinese. I recently obtained a clean enough Japanese scan that I will be going back through to compare some of the rougher bits once I'm finished. Would anyone be interested in helping with editing for grammar on these translations? If so, I would be more than happy to post the link to my 4Shared account, where I am uploading them as they are completed.

July 14th, 2009

here is the link to the site Trinity Blood Episode 1

February 5th, 2009

Opera Series

wars, sakura, sumire, paris, taisen
Hello, as you are all fans of TB, I wanted to tell you about a new novel series called Opera Series, 8 volumes that are illustrated by Thores Shibamoto. As TB is already being published in major languages maybe you would like to see what's Opera's all about. There's a Thores Shibamoto community here on LJ, were someone started translating Opera in english but needs help. If you want to go and see, please feel free :) (by typing Thores Shibamoto in the search interest case on LJ)

There's also a topic for Opera on the first TB board :
(My post is at the bottom of the page, with pics and links to Opera galleries)

September 5th, 2007

Short note


I haven't forgotten about this community. No, NO!! Life, especially my (not so-)part-time job, has been a bit tough on my schedule and I had barely time to do any fun stuff. And right now I am preparing to leave for an exchange year in Japan (actually my plane leaves Sunday, so time's a little short, sorry). I hope I'll be able to pick up my TB translations there as I /won't/ kill my leisure time with a part-time job in Japan. ^_~

But since I can't take all of the novels to Japan (weight allowance... yuuuuuk >.<), I'd like to ask YOU what you'd like to see translated. I can continue as it is with ROM I, or go for something else. Just tell me... and I see what I can do for you. ^_^
I've listed all RAM novels and the stories they contain as well as the stories in Canon below.

RAM-novels and CanonCollapse )

And now: Pick your poison!

March 29th, 2007

So, here it is. Finally!

A few quick notes:

- Copyright: See disclaimer. I still owe nothing. Except the fun to be able to read the real thing and being able to practice my Japanese/English this way. ^_~
- Translated by belina, beta-ed by jinglestan. Thanks a lot! ^__^ *hugs*
- Translation is again as close a possible to the original! Hence it may read a little strange at times. I'm open to any suggestions to change certain things as long as they won't change the meaning. ^_^

Ok, let's stop the babble, you waited long enough. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: City of blood, part 1Collapse )

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment! ^_^

January 14th, 2007

Small update

up to something
So you know there's something going on:
I finally kicked my ass, verified quite 'a few' things with my Japanese roomies, fixed some of those things and just sent out the bigger part of chapter 1.1 to be beta-read (the second part will follow within a week, I'd say). Don't know how long beta-reading takes as it might be quite THE challenge (as was the translation). ^_^"

If you haven't gotten a mail but would like to beta-read (and are brave), drop me a line and/or your mail-address in this post. Or mail me: sunchyme @ gmx.ch

I try to post some relevant and important Canon-info too until the chapter is ready to be posted. ^_^

Thanks a lot for your patience, I hope you'll be rewarded for this! ^__^

December 24th, 2006

Merry Christmas! ^_^

abel and cain
I was hoping to be able to bring you the next part of the TB translation as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, I couldn't accomplish that task. The hands of time weren't on my side. :-(

But... there's something coming, and it'll be sooner than later. Look forward to Abel's (troublesome) arrival in István, introducing Radocan (who was only briefly mentioned in the anime), finding out something 'new(?)' about Tres-kun and meeting Esther for the first time! ^_^

November 12th, 2006

As small note

Hi there!

I just wanted to drop you guys a line: I'm still working on the translation, I'm just terribly slow at the moment. :-/

Unfortunately things like university, my preparation(s) for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (2nd level) and my job are consuming more of my time than I actually would like. Well, at least the Japanese-translation for university will be over after next week and the JLPT is at the beginning of December. Soooo... there's some hope. ^_~

August 25th, 2006

Ok, here we go! After quite some time I proudly present the Prologue of Trinity Blood Reborn On Mars I - Star of Sorrow.

A few notes before you start reading:
- Copyright: see Disclaimer. I owe nothing besides the fun of being able to read Yoshida Sunao's bloody 'baby'.
- Translated by belina, beta-read by the extremely brave & helpful fiendery. Thank you! *hugs*
- Translation is as close a possible to the original! Which causes sometimes a little mess (especially in conversations) but we've left it this time. This might change in the future though, depending on comments and stuff.
- Once again: Marith has the light pink rouge, Mirith the dark blue one. ^_~

And now: GO READ! And hopefully: ENJOY!

Enter the World of Trinity BloodCollapse )

Thanks for reading. ^_^
Comments are muchly, muchly appreciated! I think.

And any help is still very welcome. ^_~
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